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Marinated in yogurt, spiced and then roasted in a tandoor, this dish has won hearts across the globe..
Tender, juicy, and filled with Kebabi goodness, the subtly spiced ground minced meat is skewered long and..
Soaked in a marinade of special spices and grilled to be juicy, moist and succulent, our Tangdi Kebab is the..
Kalmi Kebab is a delicious Mughalai kebab made from marinated chicken drumsticks. This scrumptious side..
Termed as the boneless tandoori chicken, Chicken Tikka is a starter whose reputation precedes itself.
Paneer Tikka is the vegetarianised version of Chicken Tikka. Paneer chunks marinated in spices, skewered and grilled..
The Malai Tikka Kabab is a little different from the usual orange-hued Chicken Tikka that you see in the..
The Dhakai Fish Tikka is an ode to the Bengali’s innate love for fish. Dhakai Fish Tikka is made with minced fish..
Marinated in spiced mustard paste, wrapped in banana leaves and slow-cooked till tender, Bhetki Macher..
Chicken Porichathu, a Malabari specialty, is a simple dish that delivers. Marinated for hours and fried ..
Chicken Tawa Fry is spicy, succulent and a classic side dish. Made from boneless chicken pieces, this starter..
Fish Pollichathu is an authentic Kerala style fish fry, perfected through the ages. Marinated in a unique..
Loved by the whole of South India, Fish Tawa Fry is fish covered with spices, shallow-fried in coconut ..