Influenced by the Arabian, Mughal and Malabari culture, the Thalasseri Dum Biryani is the best of all worlds. By using Khaima/Jeerakasala rice instead of Basmati rice, Thalasseri Mutton Dum Biryani opens up a gastronomic experience of a lifetime.

The delicious flavor of the Thalasseri Dum Biryani Rice is all thanks to the Khaima/Jeerakasala rice used and the special dum way of cooking. The masala sourced rice is so good that it will leave you craving for more, and the more we have for you.

The Thalasseri Dum Biryani Rice is perfect for those who want to enjoy the day with some extraness. (Served with raita, and pickle)


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